Lismore Speyside Single Mal2014 02 Lismore Logot Scotch is walnut in color with the main flavor characters being sweet and heathery, but also contains very slight overtones of quality highland peat. Complete in taste, it is robust yet delicate. The fine balance of flavors combine to make this malt whiskey distinctive in both taste and character. Outer cases are very attractive-looking with six bottles backed in a beautiful canister with a corked finish.

In spite of the United States’ decline in alcohol consumption the malt scotch category is on the rise and has been since the 1970s. This growth is expected to continue for some time. Blended Scotches in the $15-$20 range sell more than two million cases per year in the United State. Due to the fact that Lismore is a single malt Scotch in this same price category, many many blended drinkers are trading up to Lismore.


Lismore Speyside 1.75 liter